Welcome to the club

Hi! I’m Adam, the guy behind A+S. I’m a physics graduate student and coffee lover.

coffee man science glamour model beauty so pure so sexyAs a grad student, I have a professional relationship with coffee. Like many jobs that require long hours and concentration, grad students – even if they were never coffee drinkers before – will eventually find their way to the stuff. “Come on, just try it,” they said. “We need to get all this work done by tomorrow, I think Starbucks is open late,” they said.

I’ve personally never really felt the performance-enhancing effects of caffeine (though I have felt a caffeine OD, a story for another time). Still, my coffee habit really developed in grad school. I found something comforting in having a warm drink while I work. Later I discovered that brewing my own coffee gave me a moment to take a step back, clear my mind, and re-focus. And of course it was fun discovering interesting (and sometimes uniquely horrible) roasts.

I’m not a barista (though I have taken part in the Canadian Aeropress Championships). I don’t have access to all the latest tools, nor the time to perfect the art and science of coffee (I’m currently trying to learn the art and science of science, after all). However, I do appreciate a good cup, enjoy exploring flavors, and have a DIY mentality I bring to pretty much everything I do. I find digging in a figuring out how all this stuff works to be fun and rewarding, but that doesn’t mean you have to. And that’s the reason for this blog. I want help you brew the best coffee with whatever time and tools you have access to, according to your tastes and interest level. There’s no wrong way to take your coffee, and there’s no reason you can’t brew something you love.

If this all sounds good, then welcome to the club! In the following weeks I will be writing and sharing a few basic brew guides (The Office Coffee Guide is already up). I will also be reviewing coffee and gear. If you already have a coffee routine, great! You may be interested in the new cafes and beans I try (I am based in Hamilton Ontario, near Toronto). In the coming weeks I will be visiting New Orleans and Boston, drinking and writing about as much coffee as possible.

Finally, if you’d like to try some of the unique beans from my travels and want to support the site, consider joining the Patreon. Patrons will receive three (or more!) different and exciting coffees every month from great roasters around the world- ground, packaged, and vacuum sealed to your specifications.

So there yah go. That’s who I am and what this is all about. Thanks for for reading, and I look forward to (figuratively) diving into all this coffee with you!

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