May Coffee

If you are still in school like me, then May probably means the end of regular scheduled classes. To me, it also means I get to start having my morning coffee on the outside balcony which is my favorite thing.


This month I get to share three coffees with you that paired exceptionally well with early mornings and my balcony. Two of the varieties are from Costa Rica but taste very different from one another, while the third is a surprisingly chocolatey and non-acidic Kenyan. I was very surprised that none of these beans exhibited the flavors I have come to expect from their regions. It was pretty neat!

The first Costa Rican variety comes from ROSSO in Calgary. I don’t know if this goes for all methods, but I had better immersion-brewed results (in particular, this new french press method I’ve been trying) than I had with pour-over. I didn’t taste much of the advertised tangerine, but I did get the stone fruit and sweetness.hdr_00081_0-01

Next up was the other Costa Rican from Phil & Sebastian in Calgary. Again, this one seemed to come out better in my french press where it was a light, nutty and tea-like experience. In the aeropress, I got a lot more of a harsh grape flavor.

Finally, my personal favorite this month was an unusually chocolatey Kenyan from Monogram in Cambridge. More specifically a sweeter milk chocolate than say, cacao nibs. These were very easy to brew, I liked it however I did it. I think that might have to do with the double-washed processing… Anyway, I really think you’ll like it.


And that’s a wrap for May! You should be seeing your packages arriving any day now with the newly minted membership cards (stickers are still being printed, but they’re coming). This month you’re also getting a bonus card to guide you through our first bit of homework. There are no marks awarded for this bonus activity, but hopefully it will give you something to think about when you are refining your french press method. For those who aren’t in the club yet but want to join in, a description of the techniques are in this article. And if you’d like to get on the list for June, head over to the Patreon!

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