June Coffee

For the last week or so, I have been very comfortable leaving the house in a t-shirt. Is this… summer? This month, our theme is “coffee bags that are white”. Just kidding, but it turns out that is what you’re getting. Pairs well with your summer-only white pants.


Among our white-bags we have two Canadian roasters (De Mello Palheta from Toronto and Transcend from Edmonton) and (woah!) one from England (Kiss the Hippo). Ethiopia, Guatemala, Rwanda

De Mello has been a favorite roaster of mine for a while, particularly for their bright African coffees. This month you’re getting a really nice Ethiopian natural processed with some peachy fruit notes. Like many natural processed coffees, this one is a little funky and has some “complex” flavor. That is to say, don’t necessarily expect to taste any one flavor note strongly. I found it to be a bit of a fruity wash (in the best possible way!)


I really like exploring the weirdo fruity coffees, but I always try to balance the featured coffees with something chocolaty and rich. Transcend’s Guatemala from Andrea Lopez is that bean. You know what, this might be a good one to start cold brewing with. ‘Tis the season, after all!  

Finally, I have a really exciting one to share with y’all. Kiss the Hippo is a one-year-new company based out of Richmond (effectively London) England, and comes highly recommended. They are a very careful, dedicated team of roasters and baristas who pay a lot of attention to every part of the supply chain (you can read all about their design and business choices, including the make and model of the roaster they use on their website). The coffee you are getting this month is my first experience with the Hippo and I am blown away. Look for apple (red) and grape (green), with a heavy duty of sweetness. Not acidic really, but totally gulp-able.

So there you have it! Another month. Thanks for subscribing (get in soon for July’s coffees), and if you missed this month’s shipment, watch for some of these coffees to be put up in the shop. Any overflow we have from subscriptions get posted there.

Oh! Some other things for you this month; make sure you sign up for our email list for tips, tricks, travel, and brewing guides (at the bottom), and check out our newly posted New Orleans Travel+Coffee Guide, complete with interactive Google Map.


Enjoy, and remember to tip your barista!

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