June Coffee

For the last week or so, I have been very comfortable leaving the house in a t-shirt. Is this… summer? This month, our theme is “coffee bags that are white”. Just kidding, but it turns out that is what you’re getting. Pairs well with your summer-only white pants. Among our white-bags we have two Canadian roasters … Continue reading June Coffee

May Coffee

If you are still in school like me, then May probably means the end of regular scheduled classes. To me, it also means I get to start having my morning coffee on the outside balcony which is my favorite thing. This month I get to share three coffees with you that paired exceptionally well with … Continue reading May Coffee

April Coffee

In March I visited Boston for a meeting of the American Physical Society. The conference hosted roughly 10,000 physicists for 5 days, talking about new and exciting research. When I wasn't steeping myself in science, I percolated through the city to find great coffee. My favorite this month has got to be the Kenyan from … Continue reading April Coffee

March Coffee

I've been travelling a lot in the last month, which means the March coffee club review is coming a bit late. But this also means I've managed to source some nice coffee along the way! In February I visited New Orleans, which from what I've read, doesn't have the biggest specialty coffee scene. This couldn't … Continue reading March Coffee